by Dane McGuire


Former UFC flyweight champion Nicco Montano has revealed on Instagram she was the victim of an assault during the early hours of December 1 at a hotel in Austin, Texas.


Bleacher Report notes:


“Montano’s manager, Ricky Kottenstette, told TMZ Sports that the man who attacked her did so after becoming jealous over something that happened while having drinks at the hotel bar.


Kottenstette said Montano’s medical tests and scans showed no serious injuries and she has been released from the hospital and returned home to New Mexico.


Additionally, Kottenstette said Montano spoke to police while at the hospital. The Austin Police Department told TMZ it took a report for “an alleged assault with injury, family violence”


Per TMZ Sports, Mantano wrote on social media:


“Tonight [he] stood on my neck and stomped my face [and then] kept kicking me and shoving my hair into his fist and the corner of the bed frame.”


“I got away for a second to run down the hall (naked) screaming for my life as he tried to drag me back by my hair.”


“Luckily someone from the hotel heard my screams and came to my rescue.”


A public information officer with Austin Police confirmed to MMA Fighting on Thursday that officers responded to a “disturbance” at a hotel at 2:29 a.m. on Wednesday morning, but no other information could be released as the investigation is ongoing.


Per MMA Fighting, Montano also wrote:


“I’m stuck in Texas not knowing where he is and scared.”


“I’m in the hospital and I’m so lucky to have the technique and strength that I have to have defended myself.”


Montano had named her assailant but that information has currently been removed from reports by various MMA media outlets because no parties have been charged at this time.


Montano has been discharged and returned home to New Mexico. Kottenstette said that Montano is resting and recovering with her family.

CageNation will continue to follow this developing story and provide more information on the situation as it becomes available.