By Dane McGuire

The politics of the sweet science have axed plans for Tyson Fury to step back in the ring against Oleksandr Usyk–at least for now.

Per BoxingJunkie, the two sides failed to come to terms regarding a rematch and Usyk’s management is now saying plans are off. Financially, the bout would have meant a 70-30 split for Fury.

Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren refused to say the bout was off though. Usyk’s promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, told TalkSport in the U.K:

“The fight is called off. The reason for that is it went too far,” Krassyuk said. “There was a feeling that after Usyk accepted 70-30 Tyson Fury started to think he can put a saddle on his neck and start riding Usyk as much as he can. It is not right.

“Usyk accepted the 70-30 split. He was so loyal and he was so willing to make this fight happen. But this fight is not about Tyson Fury. It is about the WBC belt and expanding his collection.

“If it is so complicated that Tyson tries to avoid it by putting so many obstacles in front of making the deal, then there is no need to put more effort into it.

“The only thing that stays in my mind is that undisputed stays our highest priority and we will do our best to make it happen within the shortest period of time and whoever is the temporary holder of the WBC belt, we will try to make it happen.”

Warren said:

No, I’m not confirming it’s off. All I’ve had from [Usyk’s manager] officially was an email that said, ‘Gentlemen, hope you’re okay…I’m not going into details, start to blame or point the finger to anyone, but we’d like to officially announce that Team Usyk is out of further negotiations regarding the April 29 fight.’

“We got that yesterday, that’s the first we heard of it.

Warren went on: “We got it all out the way except for one issue and that was the rematch. Tyson publicly stated that we should scrap the rematch. This was to simplify the deal…“Anyway, I convinced Tyson to take the rematch [with Usyk] and he did. So I told them on Sunday we’re gonna go with the rematch. Then we got into a situation with how the rematch money is gonna be split and that’s what we’ve been working on…

“Why can’t it be overcome if he wants the fight? We want the fight. Why can’t it be overcome?… There’s no reason for this fight to be off.”