About Us

Cagenation is the vision of a long time MMA fan who has been following the sport since UFC one.

I would be what you would call a Superfan, not just of UFC but of all MMA, from going to numerous large MMA events to watching local level events on my laptop that can only be seen through websites.  I have been a huge fan for decades now. My vision is to have a website that has news, interviews, and podcasts, sales all types of gear, and provides a local section for my local Pittsburgh fight scene, but yet is an international site.

It is my hope to have a site that people come to whether they are diehard fans or just the everyday fan, or even competitors themselves.

We will have polls and comment areas for reader interaction and hope to have a pulse on all of the major news happening In the MMA world.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site.  We welcome any feedback that anybody may have to offer as we want this site to be for all fans, both new and long time hard-core fans.