By Dane McGuire


UFC veteran Paige VanZant signed a four fight deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship after leaving the UFC and testing free agency.


Unfortunately, her future in BKFC is uncertain after she lost consecutive bouts to Britain Hart and Rachel Ostavich, making her best outcome now a 2-2 record should she fight again.


“We spoke to her management team and honestly it’s up in the air,” BKFC President David  Feldman said Tuesday.


“We’re not 100 percent sure she’ll be back with BKFC. It looks like she will but at the end of the day, if her heart and her passion is she wants to give MMA another shot, we may give her that opportunity. I’m not here to hold anybody back.


“I’m actually flying down to Miami tomorrow, we’re going to have a conversation with her management team tomorrow and finalize that and see where that ends up.”


“We’d love to have her back,” Feldman said. “But at the end of the day, if her heart’s not in it — and I’m not saying that it’s not — but if her heart’s not in it, and she wants to try something else, who are we to stop her from advancing her career or trying something else new with her career?


Feldman also made it clear the promotion would not stand in her way should VanZant want to make a return to MMA.


“She started in MMA,” Feldman said. “Her husband fights for Bellator. If she wants to go fight with her husband … like I said, we’ll see what happens. I know that she definitely wants to go back to MMA. She always did. Even when she came over to bare-knuckle, I knew that was going to come up, and with her not able to taste victory yet in BKFC, maybe she wants to go over there.


“Like I said, we’re going to know a lot more in the next two days. Hopefully she comes back, and if not, we’ll wish her the best.”


Feldman said he would love to see VanZant fight at the promotion’s next KnuckleMania event, currently scheduled for February 11 of next year. PVZ debuted for the promotion at the inaugural KnuckleMania.


“…We’ll know a lot more after this week. I’d love to put her on the KnuckleMania card again as well. So we’ll see what happens with that this week,” Feldman said.


At the time of this writing, VanZant has not posted any content to social media platforms hinting at a return to the ring.