by Dane McGuire

Social media star Jake Paul seems to be involved in a back-and-forth with former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.


Paul, who is gradually becoming known for his spectacle-based boxing matches, is eying a transition to MMA. He has now denied Nurmagomedov’s Eagle FC have offered him a contract with the promotion.


“Yeah, we offered him [a contract],” Nurmagomedov said. “We offer him. Now we’re waiting for his answer. If he wants, we’re here.”


Paul’s team, Most Valuable almost immediately denied this, releasing a statement on social media.


“MVP has received multiple offers for Mr. Paul to enter MMA. Eagle [FC] is not one of them as of today,” the post reads.


Paul had previously replied to a January 22 tweet from Nurmagomedov to which says:


“the doors of  @EagleFightClub always open for you and your team.”


Paul then replied:


“по рукам. только если я буду драться с тобой первым. deal. only if I fight you first.”


Paul is currently 3-0 in boxing following knockouts of UFC veteran Ben Askren and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a December 2021 rematch.


Outside of the boxing ring, Paul’s feud with UFC President Dana White now includes Paul releasing a diss track and the potential for legal action.




The feud stems from Paul taking issue with UFC fighter pay, a long-discussed topic in the MMA community, along with long-term healthcare.


In part of a statement to MMAFighting, Paul said:


“This isn’t about boxing or MMA,” Paul explained. “This is about doing what is right. UFC can and should do better given the control it has exerted over MMA fighters. Either treat them as independent contractors, like Uber does its drivers, or give them the compensation and benefits they deserve as employees.


“So my fund has invested in his company’s stock and I will be working to expose his constant exploitative practices, starting by putting out this song with all proceeds going directly to fighter causes.”