by Dane McGuire

The online MMA community seems to be almost universally in agreement rising star Paddy Pimblett lost his co-main event bout to Jared Gordon, two rounds to one. Pimblett was awarded the victory 29-28.

Two judges giving him the first two rounds and the final judge awarded him the first and third stanzas. ‘The Baddy’ said immediately after the bout he felt the fight wasn’t even close, which UFC color Commentator and others clearly disagreed with.

Pimblett and UFC President Dana White then shared their thoughts at the post fight press conference.

“Everyone’s got an opinion, lad. Opinions are like a**holes: Everyone’s got one,” Pimblett told MMA Junkie and other reporters post-fight at UFC 282. “I know I won that fight. Simple as (that). I deal in facts, and I won a unanimous decision. It’s not like it was a split decision. Look at his face and look at mine. Fights get scored on damage now. I landed a lot more damage. End of (story).

“I’m me, lad. Just ’cause it’s me – I don’t know. I was sitting next to Dominick Cruz before, and I said to him, ‘Control time means nothing. It’s about damage.’ Look at my face. Look at his. I’ve got the little green marker next to my name, so everyone else can suck me a**hole.”

White shared similar thoughts, saying Gordon gave away the fight in the final five minutes.

“Gordon had a horrible gameplan going into that third round,” White told reporters at the post-fight news conference. “You think he won the first two rounds? With the judges? How do you know that? Why go in there and throw away the third round and not go in there and fight your ass off and try to win.

If you think you know who won what round or whatever, you’re crazy. I’ve been doing this for 23 years. I have no f*cking idea what those guys are gonna do or what they’re gonna say.”

He felt like he had the first two rounds and went in and pushed him against the fence,” White said about Gordon. “And I gotta go after the ref too. A big fight, a co-main event, third round, crowd’s going crazy and you’re gonna let them stand against the fence the entire fight? But these are these things that happen. What are you gonna do?

Horrible gameplan by Gordon, the ref let it happen, and he threw the fight away. He was doing great in that fight. He should have fought the third round.”