By Dane McGuire

In the immediate aftermath of UFC 283’s light heavyweight title main event, former champion Jiri Prochazka has since revealed he is targeting the summer for his return to action.


“I think I can be back in July or August, something like that,” he said on The MMA Hour. Six or seven months, something like that. Because I don’t want the fastest way back just to fight. I know this is not the best attitude.


I want to be sure that my body works for 200 percent, and I think it can be in summer of this year. Just let me work on that and I will be back as soon as possible.”


Prochazka captured the title from fellow Glover Teixeira, who retired after losing the UFC 283 marquee bout to Jamahal Hill.


“Where I came from to get to this, it’s unreal,” Hill said on fight night. “Anything’s possible. Hard work, dedication, accountability, don’t let nobody tell you nothing.


“Too many people tried to tell me I couldn’t do it. It was impossible. I needed to win in one round. I couldn’t go five [rounds] — what the f*** you got to say now?”


Prochazka gave up the title due to a shoulder injury. The injury was the result of a suplex in his last bout on December 10, as he explained to MMA Fighting December 19.


“Everything was light, nobody did something wrong, but I did a mistake,” Prochazka said. “I let the guy take my back. He did a suplex right on my shoulder. That was that.”


With the title now back in his sights, Prochazka said:


“On the next Jamahal Hill fight, I don’t know if he wants to wait for me until this summer,” Prochazka said. “If he wants to, it will be the best, because I’m sharpening my weapons for him. If he wants to fight in some near future, it doesn’t matter for me.


Like I said, I want to see the light heavyweight division is moving, because there are good guys and see the Jamahal Hill win as a great move. I’m very happy for that and I’m looking forward for him.”


MMA Fighting reports UFC President Dana White has said Prochazka will get another shot once he is healthy.


“I don’t want to speak about me because I want to be focused to be healthy, to be ready to fight,” Prochazka said. “On paper, right now, it’s Jamahal. On paper. But I’m still here, and I’m working on that to be back to being, on the paper, the best. But normally, I’m taking myself to be the best light heavyweight of the world. That’s my opinion.”