By Dane McGuire

Fresh off a finish of Ryan Garcia, the new face of boxing Gervonta will soon be behind bars in relation to a hit and run. Davis had been serving 90 days of home detention but was taken into custody June 1.

As Boxing Junkie notes by way of the Baltimore Banner, Davis’ attorney, Michael Tomko, confirmed an impromptu  hearing took place and Judge Althea Handy sent Davis to jail but did not comment further.

This change reportedly follows violation of terms.

After the incident on November 5, 2020, Davis pled guilty last February to four of 14 counts according to ESPN: leaving the scene of an accident in which someone was injured, failure to report property damage, driving without a valid license and running a red light.

Reportedly, Davis, in a Lamborghini Urus SUV, left a restaurant in his native Baltimore with a police escort but split from the escort, running the red light and colliding with a Toyota Solara, which a report says was “destroyed.”

Two people in the Lamborghini fled the scene on foot. Police said after eye witness reports and video Davis was the driver of the SUV.

Four people were in the Toyota and later taken to a hospital with the driver having the most serious injuries. The woman’s attorney, Gil Amaral, told the Baltimore Sun that she suffered “fairly serious injuries” and has had complications in her recovery.

“Fortunately, the victims in this case were able to survive this alleged hit-and-run collision with recoverable injuries despite the potential for a far worse scenario,” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said in a statement at the time of the indictment.

“My office will continue to do our part to hold reckless drivers accountable when their harmful actions put innocent lives in jeopardy.

However, Davis was not charged with a felony. The judge originally allowed Davis to avoid jail time but scolded him for refusing to apologize.

“Three words: ‘I am sorry.’” she said, according to The Baltimore Banner. “And he was not man enough to do that. … He’s shown absolutely no remorse.”

A shared phone call later broadcast on Davis’ Instagram live possibly explains things: “This judge is crazy, dog. Basically I bought a property. I did everything in my power to listen to my lawyers.

She’s mad that I bought a property that’s why I’m sitting in jail. She said she wanted me to be in an apartment, a one bedroom apartment and my kids couldn’t come visit me and things like that.

I just wanted to shed light on this situation because I just feel like she’s taking advantage of me and she’s doing stuff that’s not right to me. The things that she’s doing right now is not right so I had to shed light on this situation.”