By Dane McGuire

There will soon be a new king of the mountain at 205 pounds as the former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill has given up the title due to an achilles injury.’

According to MMAFighting, Hill ruptured his achilles in a basketball game. He announced the news Thursday on YouTube.

“I have unfortunately suffered an injury,” Hill said. “I’ve ruptured my Achilles’ [tendon]. It’s just one of those things that happens. It’s a tough injury. It’s one that will require surgery and will require time and rehab and things for me to be out for a while. Also with that, I was given an opportunity. I was given a blessing that came at the misfortune of someone else. Jiri Prochazka was the champion, he suffered an injury as these things happen. He gave up the belt and allowed for others to not hold the division. To keep the division moving forward. To keep entertaining. To make sure the people had a champion. I’ll do the same.

“Right now, the biggest thing is focusing on my recovery, focusing on getting back to 100 percent. I need to take some time to focus on my health and make sure that I’m 100 percent and I’m the fighter that everybody knows who I am and who I’ve been since I’ve stepped into this. In order to do that, I need to focus on healing and getting ready and rehabbing.”

Hill had been set to face former champion Jiri Prochazka who once also had to give up the title because of an injury.

“[Jamahal] man, I’m so sorry, I was really looking forward to our fight,” Prochazka stated. “I appreciate your release of the title. Only a person who has experienced this situation can appreciate such a thing.

“Who is next? [Me vs.] winner of Blachowicz vs. Pereira? Or, I am the champion.”

Hill later responded, “Thanks Champ!!! We will have our dance for sure!!! Hold things down in the meantime and can’t wait to see you across the octagon from me!!!”

Hill said the UFC supported his decision to vacate and another crack at the gold will indeed be in his future.

“The show must go on and I’m not exempt from that,” Hill said. “I’ve been promised that I will fight for my title immediately as soon as I am able as well as the other things that come with that.

“It’s just part of the story. No matter what it is, history is going to be written. It’s just part of that history now. It’s just a test. I’m being tested and I will stand up to the challenge as a man and as a champion.”